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What caused my pipes to fail?

Copper piping systems can fail for many reasons. The most common cause of failure is electrolysis, which causes small pinholes to develop throughout the piping system.
Electrolysis occuers when a stray electrical charged conveyed through your water line arcs due to impurities in the copper, and eventually forms small pinhole leaks (also know as slab leaks).

What pipe will be replaced and how long will i be without water?

Baldwin's Quality Plummbing is capable of replacing all of your water supply lines. With the exception of an eight-hour period. Baldwin's will ensure that you'll have water
in the kitchen sink and at least one bathroom throughout the replacement process. Water fow will be stopped for no longer than two hours at each fixture as final connections are made.
If you have a current slab leak, we will make every effort to restore water as soon as possible.

Can you just fix the leaks, instead of replacing the pipes?

Unfortunately, once pinhole leaks occur, they will keep occuring until new pipes are installed. The rising costs of repairing pinhole leaks may exceed the cost of replacing the piping system. It is not generally a question of "if" you should replace the piping system, but rather "when" you should replace the system.

In addition, each leak that is not repaired will affect the price of your monthly bills: if you are on the city sewer, the water bill typically increases, as it correlates to the water
usage. If the leak is located in a hot water line, you will an increase in your electric bill, as you will be heating the water that is lost through the leak. But most importantly, by repiping when the leaks first begin you can rest assured from the fear of damage that could occur during a period when you are away from your home.

What will the replacement cost be?

Baldwin's will provide you with a written estimate free of charge. Prices vary depending on the arrangement of your bathrooms, kitchen, water heater, laundry and hose bibs. An additional consideration will be whether or not the water
main from the meter to the house needs to be replaced.

What materials are used?

Baldwin's will use CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic pipes with brass vavles throughout. All pipes will be insulated according to code.

How long will the new pipe last?

The manufacturer of the CPVC warrants all of its products to be free from defecs in material and workmanship for as long as the homeowner owns the home. Over the years, we've found that these products increase water flow, and most importantly, electrolysis cannot occur with a CPVC system.

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